Trade supplies

Trade Customers

The company can supply its wide range of meats to the trade customers include restaurants, pubs, and shops.

The ‘JimJims’ range of sausages and bacon has been specially developed and packed for local shops and can be found at a number of locations in the area.  (Please not that the sausages in this range  contain preservatives to give a longer shelf life).

If you are interested in our products please get in contact and we can arrange for someone to call on you and discuss your particular requirements

Famous Sausages and Home Cured Bacon

Back in 1952,  James Taylor  bought Ellis’s Hill Farm. Together with his cousin Peter French they built up the business.  James was always known as ‘JimJim’ by Peter’s son, Keith, who with his family now run the farm. Today James is fondly remembered on these packs of sausages and bacon made from ‘Wysipig’ pork on the farm.

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