Saturday 28 November 2020


Christmas Orders

Special Arrangements for Christmas Orders

Well here we are again. Its been a strange year for us all and we have missed welcoming all of our lovely customers to the farm.  Never fear though Christmas at Wysipig is up and running we are ready to take your orders to make sure the seasonal celebrations are certain to be the usual to success. 

It is time to make sure that you have all your Christmas requirments in the book. Why not give us a call.  Kevin is ready to take your orders for turkey, gammon, bacon and some of Kevin's lovely sausages ( the sage and onion and chestnut flavour is simply delicious!!!).  This year Kevin is packing trays (8 per tray) of his signature Pigs in Blankets. We will have vegetables from Sunday 20th December.

We will once again be  bringing deliveries to your door but this year we will do this on the timed basis, arrangements will be made in advance and we will place your order on your doorstep so as to avoid contact. you can also visit the shop to collect your order but special arrangements will be made thereto and only one customer will be allowed into the premises at a time, again we are hoping to make timed collection arrangements so as not to overwhelm Kevin on the day. Collections and deliveries will take place from 21st December.

Payment arrangements - Customers are asked to make payments by BACS  (  in addition other payment arrangements are currently being put in place) details of payment methods will be given to customers as we confirm their orders.

Visitors to the shop are asked to observe our Covid19 rules and ensure that they use the sanitisers provided.

Although we have not been able to provide our usual popular sit down breakfast, teas and cakes since the start of the crisis we will however be keeping up with the Christmas spirit and offering takeaway  teas, coffees, hot chocolate and mince pies throughout December. Just ring the bell and will get them ready for you and bring them out alternatively you can call Kevin and you have them ready for you when you get there. 

 Now for the really good news, all of our prices have been held over from 2019. although cost of gone up we have decided that we all have to do work together and we have not applied any increases at all. We really appreciate everyones support

We are open from Wednesday to Saturday every week. Also Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before Christmas.

Call or message Keith on (07795) 010820 see Wysipig on Facebook or call Kevin on (07780) 992694


Wash Your Hands And Stay Safe

 A Very Happy Christmas Everyone

2020 Christmas Price List



‘Prices Held ’


Description                                                                 Price per Kg


We are pleased to inform our customers that this year all our Turkeys are of  the Bronze variety and reared for us on a local farm



White Turkey                                                                                              £10.50      N/A

Bronze Turkey                                                                                           £11.65

White Turkey crown                                   (boneless)                         £16.95       N/A

Bronze turkey crown                                   (boneless)                        £17.50


Gammon- Uncooked                                                                                £12.45

Gammon- Cooked                                                                                     £14.95

Smoked Gammon- Uncooked                                                               £12.95

Smoked Gammon- Cooked                                                                    £15.45


Leg of pork                                                                                                   £9.96

Shoulder of pork on bone                                                                        £7.50

Rolled shoulder of pork                                                                           £9.36


Topside of beef                                                                                           £12.50

Fore ribs of beef                                                                                         £18.50


Chicken                                                                                                          £6.50


Back bacon                                                                                                   £11.40

Streaky bacon                                                                                              £10.92

Smoked Streaky bacon                                                                             £11.52

Smoked streaky bacon                                                                              £11.04


All sausages                                                                                                  £8.50

Pork chipolatas                                                                                            £9.00

Sausage Meat                                                                                                £8.50



For any other products please ask for prices

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